CiberControl 2008


Professional internet cafe management tool


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Cibercontrol 2008 is a tool that has been designed to make the management of internet cafes and rooms much easier thanks to its simple and well organized structure.

This new release of the program seeks to achieve maximum reliability and better performance by using a new database engine that has been optimized for stability, access speed, and security.

The program includes all the options needed for effective management, grouping its functions into five main groups:

- Application console: includes counter and prepaid modes for anonymous clients and client accounts, as well as monitoring functions.

-Settings console: from here, you'll be able to determine permissions, create user accounts, establish fees and time charges create bonus copies and configure all the application's main options.

-TPV console: lets you issue tickets, create databases with articles and their families, control stocks and manage taxes.

- Lists and Reports console: lets you obtain usage and activity reports from the room, create predefined report templates.

-Remote viewer console: Lets you monitor activity on each computer's screen in real time.

All of this makes Cibercontrol 2008 a reliable and effective internet cafe management system.

Required Database:
Minimum: SQL Server Express 2005
Minimum: SQL Server Management Studio Express 2005
Recommended: SQL Server Express 2008
Recommended: QL Server Management Studio Express 2008


Trial version fully functional for 30 days.

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